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Thursday, 23 May 2019

Why is waterborne technology still a future trend?

Thursday, 21 April 2011 | Posted by: Sonja Schulte, European Coatings Journal

Recently, at the European Coatings Congress we performed an on-line survey among the congress attendees. We wanted to know which technologies survey participants judged as the most important future technology in their industry sector. It came as no surprise that most responses were in favour of waterborne technology. This was pretty the same result as in 2009. When talking to several coatings experts I learned that most waterborne systems performe at least as well as solvent borne systems. Thus, it seems to me, that this technology is already established and I am asking my self, why coatings experts still judge it as one of the most important future technologies?

Latest developments you will find at the European Coatings Conference on Highperformance Waterborne Clearcoats III,

Of course I am aware, that the coatings industry is very interessted in developing environmental friendly green coatings. Additionally there are stringend regulations on VOC the coatings manufactureres have to comply with. Consequently, waterborne coatings are an important coatings technology. This may be the reason why this technology is judged as the most important future technology. But looking at the coatings technology itself many experts confirm, that waterborne systems perform as well as solvent borne coatings. In some application areas they perform even better.So, what can be expected for the future development of waterborne coatings?
Maybe I find out more the the EC Conference "High performance water borne clear coatings III" taking place in May in Berlin. Also intersting may be the pre-conference tutorial on "Binder chemistry for waterborne clearcoatings" lectured by Dirk Mestach from Nuplex Resins.

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