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Saturday, 22 February 2020

Where is the limit for resource efficiency?

Friday, 24 June 2011 | Posted by: Miriam von Bardeleben, European Coatings Journal

The European Union has come up with new plans to increase the resource efficiency of manufacturing companies. Specifically referring to manufacturing SME, the German agency for material efficiency for example sees a potential to increase efficiency by up to ...

  ...20 % (equals billion 100 EUR per year). This figure was published in the course of the German resource efficiency programme "ProgRess", which comprises a doubled raw materials productivity until 2020 (compared to 1994). Today, in Germany costs of materials in manufacturing companies stand for about 45 % of the total production cost. As the German chemical industry is looking at only 2 % of waste nowadays, which cannot be recycled or reused in any way, some experts ask themselves, how this claim could make sense. Where do you see a potential to boost material efficiency by 20 % in this calculation? Do you personally think that this efficiency programme makes reasonable sense? Or do you see more promising improvements which the coatings industry should address first?   

Let us hear what you think!

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