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Sunday, 23 February 2020

PU coatings: a success story

Thursday, 2 September 2010 | Posted by: Sonja Schulte, European Coatings Journal

I just edited a review article on polyurethane coatings, which will be published in the October Issue of the European Coatings Journal. Polyurethane polymers started their trimphal procession in the 1930s and it is still going on, e.g. 2k systems account for 80% of topcoats/clearcoats  in car refinish. Nowadays formulating low VOC, waterborne coatings with PU is possible without sacrifying performance.The newest generation of wateborne systems can match the performance of most solvent-based systems. Market perfomance of PU coatings is also quite well. Although the economical crisis affected the coatings industry in general an annual growth of 6% in isocyanate consumption over the next fice year is predicted. The coatings industry still has a lot of new developments for PU coatings in store for a greener, safer and smarter future, but there is still scoope for improvement.

Since the pioneering work of O. Bayer and his co-workers polyurethane polymers have expanded their role in many manufacturing sectors.  Polyurethanes are ideal for many coatings application providing high solvent and mechanical resistance, very good adhesion on various substrates, fast film formation, excellent weathering restiance and low temperature curing when required. 2K systems play a major role in the automotive coatings sector, especially in car refinish. However in OEM vehicle clearcoats still 1K acrylic-melamine systems are dominating. The good perfomance justifies their higher costs compared to the 2K systems. Despite the fact, that PU coatings perform well there is allway scoope for improvement. Especially faster drying and ease of application (e.g. longer pot life) are drivers for further developments. What else? What about the use of renewable resources? What is your opinion?
Want to dig deeper into PU coatings?

European Coatings CONFERENCE " Polyurethanes for high performance coatings" 7&8 December in Berlin, Germany. Please click here for more details, program and abstracts

Book on Polyurethanes in coatings by Ulrich Meyer-Westhues.Here you may find a reading sample. 

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