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Thursday, 01 October 2020

Opportunities Now for Nanoinnovation

Friday, 3 December 2010 | Posted by: Prof. Rigoberto Advincula, Case Western Reserve University

Opportunities knock at the door once….and may be gone. Companies with long-term strategies in nanotechnology should invest now on research and development activities to prepare them to release new proprietary products for specific applications when economic recovery arrives. Companies which come out with products first to the market will gain the competitive advantage in delivery and marketing. Nanotechnology research impacts the coatings market primarily through two directions: improvement of properties for current coatings and innovative new products that customers are willing to pay for the difference in performance.

Several strategies can come into place: 1) incorporation of nanomaterials or ultrafine particulate additives onto existing formulations- nano-sized pigment, mineral, metal oxide, and carbon black particulates, but also nanoparticles with plasmonic (gold) or quantum size effect (semiconductor) properties – that results in unique catalytic or emission properties. 2) stimuli-responsive systems based on solvent response (superhydrophobic or self-cleaning systems), selective temperature control (IR reflection), and self-healing materials (autonomic or equilibrium driven reactions) that involves nanostructures, e.g. polymer brushes, multilayer assemblies, and patterning, and 3) Various degrees of compatibilization or phase separation in coatings brought about by very low loading ratios of nano-additives that improves product stability and performance, e.g. nanotubes, graphene, and chain-extenders, corrosion inhibitors packaged as nanoparticulate systems.

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