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Friday, 07 August 2020

Functional coatings: the only hot topic in coatings technology?

Friday, 2 August 2013 | Posted by: Sonja Schulte, European Coatings Journal

Knowledge about the latest trends is crucial to be successful on the market. However, definition of the hottest topics for the European coatings industry is not trivial. Some trends are global, but each country faces its own challenges. For some years functional and multifunctional coatings are on everybody´s lips. Waterborne systems still are very interesting. And what is about renewable raw materials for coatings? The editorial team of the European Coatings JOURNAL defined recently the topics they want to present next year in their conference program.

Yesterday I sat together with my editorial team in order to work out the conference program for 2014. Since we would like to offer the most useful and interesting topics to the coatings industry we discussed about those topics we think are the hottest. Functional coatings are often mentioned by coatings experts as one of the most important future technologies. But still, no one really knows how durable these coatings are. And what kind of functionality is desirable? Besides functional coatings we think other topics, like biobased materials for industrial coatings also are quite interesting topics at the moment. But we should not forget about new developments and innovations for existing coating systems, like marine coatings, architectural coatings as well as parquet and furniture coatings. There is always room and need for improvement. Last but not least legislation is influencing the development of novel raw materials, e.g. biocides. Having all this in mind, we defined the topics for the European Coatings Conferences 2014 as follows.

-    Parquet & furniture coatings
-    Marine coatings
-    Novel biocide technology
-    Architectural coatings
-    Renewable materials for industrial coatings
-    Novel concepts for adhesives & sealants
-    Functional coatings

Do you miss anything? Just let us know!

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