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Monday, 28 September 2020

Formulating waterborne coatings

Thursday, 12 August 2010 | Posted by: Sonja Schulte, European Coatings Journal

Nowadays coatings have to be environmentally friendly otherwise it is hard to get a product accepted by the market. Improving the environmental profile of new products is a large driver in coatings development. Formulating waterborne systems is one option to reduce the VOC level and to make a system more environmentally friendly. However, dispersing pigments is rather challenging in such systems - foam generation is another nuisance. The use of the right additives helps to face these challenges. However you need to find the perfect mix. Would you change that system if there would be an one in all additive available?

Formulating waterborne coatings often requires a bunch of different additives - ofter the mix is taylor-made for a specific formulation. This guarantees perfect film properies. If you once have formulated a perfect system you will not change the additive mix, since it requires a lot of testing etc. Recently, I read a technical paper  (click here for pdf) presenting a polyethersiloxane, which can be used as single additive.The results were quite promissing, but then I was asking myself, if formulators really would change their well-working systems. Would you?

Reading tip:
Additives for waterborne systems
This book offers an overview of the most important aspects and applications of additives for waterborne systems in diverse market segments. Wernfried Heilen helps to understand how additives work and elucidates all kinds of mechanisms in great detail. Furthermore he dispels a lot of myths surrounding paint additives with an excellent combination of theory and practice. This enables a deep insight into all the different application areas for additives in waterborne paint systems.

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