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Thursday, 01 October 2020

Dominating grey

Thursday, 5 June 2014 | Posted by: Kirsten Wrede, European Coatings Journal

I have just returned from my first visit to Scotland. There were so many nice things to see – the castles, the mountains, the "Lochs” (lakes), the historic monuments… But when it comes to colour, I can’t help but thinks of GREY – grey is the dominating façade colour, not only in the cities, but also in the small and very small villages.

This makes these places look gloomy, even mysterious (like the old town of Edinburgh). And it’s such a contrast to the friendly people everywhere, not to forget the beautiful gardens and house interiors.

 It’s not that I didn’t like this grey appearance – it went well with the rough climate, the steep coasts, and the historic sites. I was just surprised how little paint is used for houses and buildings.

Suppliers of exterior paints must find it difficult to sell their products in Scotland, I wondered. It would be interesting to compare the consumption there with the demand in, let’s say, Denmark.

Why Denmark?

When I think of colourful houses, immediately Copenhagen, the Danish capital, comes to my mind.  The beautiful old houses in the picturesque "Nyhavn” area have been renovated and house fancy restaurants and bars today. Every house is painted in a different colour – from yellow and red to green and blue. The row of buildings looks just as if it was taken from a picture book.

What a contrast! And still, both places appeal to me. I would only think that paint manufacturers prefer the colourful version!  

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