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Friday, 21 February 2020
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Coatings production: How to enhance capacity and save energy at the same time

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

You think it is impossible to have both at the same time? Last week I attended a workshop on modular technology for the production of coatings and adhesives. This is not only a kind of new production technology it is rather a new philosophy of paint making. The results are impressive: up to 70% energy saving, up to 100% enhancement of capacity and up to 80% reduction of payroll cost.

A few months ago some raw material suppliers (binders, TiO2, fillers, additives) and two technology suppliers bundle their know-how in order to establish a network for modular technology.

Hello MoFa, goodbye dissolver

One core piece of the new philosophy is the modular coatings manufacture (MoFa = Modulare Lackfabrik in German). This machine uses a different mixing and dispersing technology allowing for example powdery substance to be immediately wetted, completely des agglomerated, dispensed and distributed homogeneously.

From single ingredients to functional packages

Due to the different mixing technology (e.g. different engery amounts are brought into the system), formulations have to be adapted. The new established network propagates, that it is more efficient for coatings manufacturer to buy functional packages instead of single ingredients. For examples a formulation with 35 ingredients can be reduced to 4 functional packages. A functional package for example contains the binder and all additives you need for your coatings systems. Other packages contain fillers and titanium dioxide in dry or liquid forms. The network says that is able to deliver the packages you need. Of course you have to work closely together and of course you have to share your formulations with them!

A hand full coatings and adhesive manufacturers in Germany have already changed to the new technology. One of the CEOs of these companies said in a podium discussion at the workshop "Now I make money with my paint”.

Only advantages?

This new technology really sounds fantastic, but of course means, that coatings producer have to give their core competency – the formulation know-how – out of their hands. Further the dependence on the network as single source supplier could also be a disadvantage.

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