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Sunday, 23 February 2020

Buying paint online: is there any potential in the market?

Friday, 14 August 2015 | Posted by: Damir Gagro, European Coatings Journal

Facing time-efficient consumers who are looking for a convenient purchase channel, e-commerce has witnessed an incredible development. Books, music, movies and electronic devices: almost everything can be bought online. But what about paint? Is there a potential to seize the online channel to boost paint sales?

I belonged to the group of conservative customers, meaning if I wanted to buy something I went to the store, took a look at the item, touched it or tried it on and decided then to take it home or not. Times have changed and so did my attitude. The share of things I buy online has immensely increased – even for products, as for instance shoes and clothing, which I always thought needed to be bought at a store just to make sure they fit right. They have left my personal list of "Not an item to be bought online”. One item, which is still on that list, is paint. I am that type of guy who goes to the DIY store to buy the paint can. But it looks like even this product group is about to vanish from my list.

DIY stores are still preferred

According to market consultancy company USP, the European market for online paint purchases is still in emerging phase. The company’s study shows, rather than opting for a specialist store’s expertise, European consumers collectively visit large-scale DIY shops to select from a broad range of paint products. The DIY shop typically offers appealing price discounts, in-store product advice and the convenience to buy numerous home improvement products instantaneously.

The widespread increase in online buying has yet to find its way to paint products. While Germany and Scandinavia manage to note humble 3% purchase shares for ‘online shop’, all other countries reside even below this level. The European consumer prefers an in-store selection process, where paints can be seen and it is easy to experience colour pallets to their full potential.

Results of the study to be presented at CEPE Conference

More on this study will be presented at this year’s CEPE Conference in Krakow/Poland (30 September – 2 October, 2015). In his presentation, Reinier Zuydgeest will highlight the development of online shopping for home improvement products and paint in particular. The analysis is based on the continuous study "the European Home Improvement Monitor" which is conducted among 26,400 consumers in 11 countries. Zuydgeest will also share insight from the professional market about painters online purchasing behaviour.  

I am looking forward to his presentation and the key findings. But until that, I am curious to know if you already buy your paint online? Or, what potential you see in online shopping for paint? Share your views with me

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