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Thursday, 01 October 2020

Biodegradable Coatings

Wednesday, 8 June 2011 | Posted by: Prof. Rigoberto Advincula, Case Western Reserve University

Biodegradable Coatings seem to be a misnomer or a contradication of terms. After all, the term coatings is meant to protect the bulk material from harmful effect of the environment. On the other hand, the other side of the coin is that a coating functions as a packaging material. That is it protects the environment from the effects of the bulk material.

Biodegradable coatings should find its immediate use in the biomedical field. They can be used to control the release of drugs in a constant fashion such as in drug eluting devices or in the controlled release of growth factors for tissue engineering. Other uses of biodegradable coatings are in the release of odorants, fragrances, or other small molecules that can produce function by stimuli-response on a coating. Another example is the continued release of anti-microbial agents such as biocidal agents for the prevention of E.Coli proliferation. In this case, the coating functions primarily as a packaging material.

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