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Friday, 07 August 2020

Bio does not equal expensive

Friday, 16 October 2015 | Posted by: Vanessa Bauersachs, European Coatings Journal

Currently, we are working on a preview magazine for the American Coatings SHOW in April 2016 and have been gathering interviews on the latest trends in different fields of the industry. When asked about the main challenges in bio-based coatings, one of our interviewees, Scott Cooley (Reichhold) states that one of the greatest problems is that end users often have the misconception that bio-based entails more expenses and less performance – a statement I found quite interesting.

Cooley explains that suppliers of bio-based resins are trying to diffuse this problem by developing very detailed performance studies comparing bio-based technologies to fossil fuel based technologies. He also adds, that even though these studies do help, continued technical presentations, articles and papers to the coatings market are necessary. I think this would definitely be good steps and wonder if is there even more that the industry could do to encourage end users to look into bio-based coatings. What do you think? Have you made similar experiences?

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