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Thursday, 23 May 2019

Binders or fillers - What's more important in future?

Wednesday, 11 December 2013 | Posted by: Damir Gagro, European Coatings Journal

Recently, I attended a conference and was astonished about a remark by a speaker from an architectural coatings producer. According to him, binders will become less important in a formulation of paints in future.

The binder is a very important ingredient that affects almost all properties of the coating, especially the following: adhesion and related properties like resistance to blistering, cracking and peeling, other key resistance properties including resistance to scrubbing, chalking and fading as well as application properties such as flow, leveling and film build, and gloss development.

However, the statement of the speaker was that not a single raw material is determining the quality or function of paints but the intelligent combination of raw materials. According to him fillers and pigments will become more and more important - especially when they provide a particular function. Already at the European Coating SHOW 2013 many pigment and filler suppliers have added the word "functional” to their product offering. So what is your opinion? Will functional fillers and pigments become more important in formulations and binders less?

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