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Tuesday, 11 August 2020

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Prof. Rigoberto Advincula
23 August 2012 00:49:00 | Posted by: Prof. Rigoberto Advincula, Reserve University
NanoKorea 2012: new materials and processes in nanotechnology are getting mainstream

I recently gave a talk at NanoKorea 2012 at COEX in Seoul, South Korea. The theme was on nanoparticle colloid templating and electropolymerization. It involves preparing nanopatterns on solid support substrates that have resulted in improved membranes, sensors for chiral agents, and superhydrophobic surfaces. This was on the Nanomaterials and Processing session. I spent not only a good amount of time going over the different talks in our session but also spent time going around the exhibits, which amazed me in a specific way.

Miriam von Bardeleben
22 August 2012 06:53:00 | Posted by: Miriam von Bardeleben, European Coatings Journal
Where is the center of gravity within the coatings industry moving?

"The Center of Gravity in the global coatings industry is on the move”. That will be the main theme of this year’s CEPE Annual Conference at it is indeed an interesting statement to discuss. We have seen markets that we formerly called "emerging markets” which have nowadays turned into high growth markets, e.g. in the BRIC countries. Looking back at the past months, it was not even surprising to market insiders, to see not only capacities of European coatings companies, but whole Business Units being moved from the heart of the mature European markets to China.

With capacities and demand increasing so much in markets outside Europe, the center of gravity started moving on a global level. The Center of gravity in the global coatings industry is shifting, but where to? To Asia as such, or only to China that showed an outstanding performance?

Kirsten Wrede
7 August 2012 13:43:00 | Posted by: Kirsten Wrede, European Coatings Journal
Life on Mars and the coatings industry

"Is there life on Mars?" – That’s what David Bowie already asked in his 1970s pop song. The lyrics aren’t all that clear, but to me they are somehow related to disappointment with reality, longing for a greater life somewhere out there. Now NASA’s rover "Curiosity" has landed  successfully on Mars. The mission’s overall question: is the red planet able to sustain life, or has it ever been?

3 Blogs
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