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Monday, 28 September 2020

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Sonja Schulte
20 June 2013 07:59:00 | Posted by: Sonja Schulte, European Coatings Journal
Marine Coatings: Market trends and new technologies

Good news: New analysis from Frost & Sullivan, Asia-Pacific Marine Coatings Market Outlook, finds that the market earned revenues of € 3.64 billion in 2012 and estimates this to reach € 5.04 billion in 2016. "The emergence of new coating technologies has further aided market development," said Frost & Sullivan Chemicals, Materials and Food Consultant Lim Jin Han. While reading that news I was asking myself what kind of new technologies are around at the moment for marine coatings. Just have a look at some examples.

Tony Mash
12 June 2013 07:40:00 | Posted by: Tony Mash, TMA Consulting Inc.
Volunteer for a pilot study by the European Commission to check their new LCA methodology

I felt growing excitement when I learnt that the European Commission through its DG Environment has recognised that all industries need a standardised way of undertaking Life Cycle Analyses (LCA). It has recognised that, on the basis of current LCA methodologies, product comparisons are particularly suspect. Through its Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) project, it has developed its own LCA methodology which, it claims, is much tighter in terms of definitions than some, far less open to interpretation than many, and simple enough to be exploited by SMEs as well as larger multi-national companies. The EU does not plan to legislate in this area for many years. DG Environment has proposed an extended pilot programme starting this year and ending in 2017 across a range of industries and products. DG Environment is currently looking for volunteer industries to participate in a pilot study from now to 2017 to see if the proposed methodology makes practical sense. ...

2 Blogs
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