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Tuesday, 29 September 2020

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Kirsten Wrede
21 June 2012 14:03:00 | Posted by: Kirsten Wrede, European Coatings Journal
Do-it-all solutions for wood coatings

What do modern wood coatings have to offer today? Apparently they are supposed to be all-rounders, being VOC-free, based on renewable materials, provide first-class properties, display high-end appearance and feel. It is amazing how almost any new product on the market seems to fulfill these promises.

Tony Mash
10 June 2012 18:45:00 | Posted by: Tony Mash, TMA Consulting Inc.
Cradle to Gate or Cradle to Grave: that is the question!

As Coatings progress along the road to Sustainable Development, should the industry be focusing R&D effort on innovation from Cradle to Gate or Cradle to Grave?

Sonja Specks
7 June 2012 15:23:00 | Posted by: Sonja Specks, European Coatings Journal
Coating 2.0 – the improved waterborne biobased version

Why is it so difficult to accept the fact that waterbornes and biobased coatings are not just substitutes? They are new products!

3 Blogs
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