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Tuesday, 29 September 2020

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Sonja Specks
27 October 2011 12:18:00 | Posted by: Sonja Specks, European Coatings Journal
Small steps called innovation

New developments are sometimes "only" slight changes in the formulation. Not every new product has really been newly invented. Why should it? Researchers know about a good basic mixture. A core which is already okay and just needs to be pimped a bit for a few performances. The company target to be innovative is one of the bullet points on the portfolio presentation. This puts a company's reseach department under strong pressure, so that the company is forced to sell products featuring only minor changes as new products.

Sonja Schulte
21 October 2011 12:16:00 | Posted by: Sonja Schulte, European Coatings Journal
From lab to market- how fast is it?

When you are looking at different coatings conference programs you certainly will come across with some duplicates. For the presenting companies this of course makes sense, because they want to spread the information on new developments into the market. Now and again I see talks that have a quite long "conference life time" and I am asking myself if this maybe has to do with the time it takes to bring a new development from the lab to the market. If it takes some years, then you have to present pretty the same story till you have a new development. How long does it take to perform a new coatings development?

Kirsten Wrede
13 October 2011 12:07:00 | Posted by: Kirsten Wrede, European Coatings Journal
Ways to use TiO2 more efficiently

We are reading a lot about tight supplies and increasing prices of titanium dioxide these days. As TiO2 is the most important white pigment in the coatings industry, known for its ability to improve opacity and whiteness, paint manufacturers need new technologies to use TiO2 more efficiently or replace it with equivalent materials.

3 Blogs
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