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Friday, 07 August 2020

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Sonja Schulte
11 December 2014 08:01:00 | Posted by: Sonja Schulte, European Coatings Journal
Innovations in everyday business: Mission impossible!

The editorial staff have just finished putting together the programme for the EC CONGRESS. This, Europe’s biggest congress on coatings technology, will offer 144 presentations on the latest technologies and developments that can be used by paint makers to research innovations and develop products. Too often, though, research and development work takes a back seat to everyday business (handling queries, troubleshooting, etc), with the result that many innovative ideas simply fall by the wayside. I have set to wondering if that might threaten the competitiveness of the coatings industry in western Europe in the long term.

Sonja Schulte
24 July 2014 15:27:00 | Posted by: Sonja Schulte, European Coatings Journal
New raw materials: not all seem to be interesting for paint manufacturers

About four weeks ago I blogged about a new kind of pigments which can be dispersed without using a bead mill. I received a lot of emails and comments on this blog. I never received so much feedback on any other blog before. Why is this topic so interesting for the paint manufacturers? Yes, you can save a lot of energy and time. Of course this makes your production more efficient and at the end you earn more. But, saving costs alone does not make a paint producer successful, does it? Is innovation also important for being successful? And if so, shouldn`t every new development in raw materials be as interesting as the new pigment I mentioned above?

Sonja Schulte
22 May 2014 09:57:00 | Posted by: Sonja Schulte, European Coatings Journal
How to solve problems: More openness and trust, please!

It’s well known that the coatings industry tends to be a bit conservative and secretive. Paint makers guard their recipes with the same fervour as Gollum watches over his treasure in "Lord of the Rings”, and they are loath to tell their raw materials suppliers anything about the other ingredients in them. Some even go so far as to refuse to say what they use the raw material for. And they are quite entitled to do so. But what if there's an issue with the paint because it fails to perform as expected, or what if someone would like to collaborate on further developing a particular product?

Tony Mash
1 May 2014 16:48:00 | Posted by: Tony Mash, TMA Consulting Inc.
The ACS conference in Atlanta revealed technical advances that can contribute to Sustainable Development, but hurdles remain when it comes to adoption and measurement

The American Coatings Show (ACS) was a great success in terms of organisation and enjoyed a record number of attendees. Regrettably, the exhibition element of the show rather downplayed Sustainability. Despite enthusiastic promotion of waste paint recycling, I noted that even those companies displaying ingredients with improved environmental footprints elected to promote potential functionality enhancements and said very little about upstream sustainability credentials; a significant contrast to the European exhibition in Nuremburg a year ago. However, the technical conference that accompanied the exhibition was a very different matter.

Tony Mash
6 March 2014 09:00:00 | Posted by: Tony Mash, TMA Consulting Inc.
No management without measurement: an imperative for those committed to sustainable development

We have yet to see many of the sustainable development ideas available to the Coatings Industry actively commercialised. That may seem a rather harsh statement which does not recognise what may be going on under the surface (sorry for the pun). The Sustainable Innovation Award organised by the British Coatings Federation signals the industry’s progress to date and provides some directions for future action and investment.  

Tony Mash
23 May 2013 11:00:00 | Posted by: Tony Mash, TMA Consulting Inc.
New Chemistry copies nature: dreams become reality

Can New Chemistry copy Nature to capture carbon dioxide and successfully manufacture materials that the Coatings Industry can use? Could carbon dioxide generated from paint at the end of its life be transformed into raw materials for new coatings formulations? Once just a dream, there are signs of this becoming a reality. 

Sonja Specks
26 July 2012 12:50:00 | Posted by: Sonja Specks, European Coatings Journal
Three parameters where you can see that time passes by too fast for new developments

Time is the calculation factor today

In my opinion it is the unit for modern exploitation.
Companies are asking for parameters and targets like this:

  • How many innovations did you make during a specific period of time?
  • How many new developments were established in the market in a specific period of time?
  • How  much money did you gain from cash-cow-products during a specific time period?

I think it’s a good method to  compare time periods, to interpret trends and your economic power.

Peter A.  Rieck
28 May 2012 10:21:00 | Posted by: Peter A. Rieck, Marcmoor Ltd.
Recession phase 3 - innovation and creativity need to kick in to stimulate growth.

Innovation is an incredible driver for business. Innovation generates competitive edge, opens up business opportunities, wins orders and motivates the company and it's staff. To virtually all successful companies, innovation is second nature.

10 Blogs
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