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Friday, 07 August 2020
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Soudal acquires TKK

Monday, 1 July 2013

Belgian adhesives and sealant producer Soudal announced the acquisition of the Slovenian company TKK Srpenica, a manufacturer of polyurethane foams, adhesives & sealants and chemical admixtures for concrete and mortar.

TKK is headquartered in Srpenica, Slovenia. Source: Soudal N.V.

TKK is headquartered in Srpenica, Slovenia. Source: Soudal N.V.

The Slovenian company is one of the leading European makers of polyurethane foam and makes other products for use in construction, including concrete additives, mortar, and sealants. TKK also has a successful track record in worldwide export as more than 90 % of its turnover is realised in Italy, Germany, and Russia. This has been reflected in an impressive growth of the business over recent years. The production unit in Srpenica/Slovenia employs 110 people and generated a turnover of EUR 45 million last year. The Belgian company announced it will further invest and expand the facility. By adding the unit in Srpenica, Soudal now operates twelve production sites around the globe.

"The acquisition of TKK is a big step for Soudal and also offers us the opportunity to engage in an even stronger position in Europe and the Balkans in particular. Furthermore it gets Soudal expertise that will allow it to further expand into new market segments,” said Vic Swerts, Founder and President of Soudal.

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