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Saturday, 22 February 2020
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Solvert & Suez Environnement cooperate to produce biobased chemicals from organic waste

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Solvert aims to plan to enable the conversion the organic stream from either municipal solid waste (MSW) and commercial and industrial (C&I) waste into biobased chemicals, namely n-butanol, acetone and hydrogen. As part of the investment, Solvert has agreed a collaborative research and development project with Suez Environnement and Sita UK to convert organic waste into feedstock for use in industrial fermentation processes to produce renewable chemicals. The investment will focus on optimizing the pretreatment of the waste and maximizing value creation from it.

Two companies cooperate to produce biobased raw materials from waste. Source: NJ/Fotolia

Two companies cooperate to produce biobased raw materials from waste. Source: NJ/Fotolia

Solvert's technology takes the organic fraction of household and commercial waste (food, paper, garden waste etc) and through a series of physical and biological transformations converts it into valuable and sustainable renewable chemicals, which are in significant demand in the UK manufacturing sector. Kris Wadrop, Solvert's Founder and CEO, said: "Securing finance for the business has been incredibly tough in the current economic climate, however, with this investment from Suez Environnement I am delighted that the team's hard work is now paying dividends. The value of the investment from Suez Environnement is more than financial. Suez Environnement is committing resources from its R&D center in Paris and its subsidiary, Sita UK, which is one of the UK's leading recycling and waste management companies, who will provide technical support and also help with commercialization work."

Kris Wadrop, Solvert's Founder and CEO, said: "Our initial business vision, to build manufacturing facilities in the UK, remains the same, however our understanding of the markets, both feedstock and financial, have meant those plans have had to be revised to suit the current UK regulatory and economic climate. Government support is growing in the field of Resource Efficiency and the Circular Economy however our technology proposition is as much about crossing supply chain boundaries as it is developing new novel technologies and doesn't yet appear to qualify for many of the government funded schemes. This is why corporate support from Suez Environnement and Sita UK is incredibly valuable as it clearly demonstrates the value of our technology and relevance of our commercial focus to industry."

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