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Sunday, 31 May 2020
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Nitro Quimica acquires assets of Alchemix Corporation

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Nitro Quimica Corporation, a global producer of nitrocellulose resin, announces the acquisition, through its U.S. subsidiary, of all of the assets of Alchemix Corporation, a subsidiary of Scholle IPN Corporation, together with the acquisition of Alchemix’s facility in College Park, Georgia.

Nitro Quimica has acquired all of the assets of Alchemix Corporation. Source: Thorben Wengert/

Nitro Quimica has acquired all of the assets of Alchemix Corporation. Source: Thorben Wengert/

The transaction is aligned with Nitro Quimica’s internationalization plan, enabling the expansion of its product portfolio and strengthening its participation in the North American market.

Leading market for printing inks

"This is a strategic operation for Nitro Quimica for two reasons: the North American market is a leading global market for printing inks for packaging and solutions for pharmaceutical products. The region will have teams fully dedicated to our customers’ businessess and technical needs, which gives our company a major competitive advantage" said Marcos Cruz, Nitro Quimica Chief Executive Officer.

Cruz also emphasises that investments will be maintained in order to increase production capacity and launch new products. "By the end of 2016, we plan to launch solutions for segments of printing inks, nail polishes, wood processing and automotive refinishing in the United States," added the executive.

About Nitro Quimica

Nitro Quimica’s headquarters, manufacturing plant and Research & Development Center are located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The company also operates a sales office in Vienna, Austria. With the acquisition of the Alchemix business, Nitro Quimica will maintain a commercial office and an industrial unit in College Park, Georgia, in the United States.

About Alchemix

Alchemix is the largest producer of "USP Collodion” (a nitrocellulose-based solution for liquid bandages and dermatological products) in North America and is also one of the leading North American companies in providing chemical solutions to segments such as printing inks for packaging, treatments for wood surfaces, leather and automotive refinishing, special adhesives, nail polishes, and sulfuric acid used in dry cell batteries.

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