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Monday, 27 January 2020
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Heubach increases colourant production capacity

Monday, 24 April 2017

Heubach has expanded the colourant production capacity by a cutting-edge production technology which uses a standard set of specially designed base colourants to yield individual colourants which can be mixed according to the customer’s requirements.

Heubach increases colourant production capacity. Source: Heubach

Heubach increases colourant production capacity. Source: Heubach

The new colourant technology concept covers the complete colour space and allows for the accurate adjustment of the physical parameters. It can be enlarged by adding colourants which will ensure that the future needs and require-ments of the market are met.

New just-in-time service options

Heubach’s service package is now complemented by these just-in-time service options which provide the following advantages:

  • Innovative, universal formulation technology
  • Quick development and production of tailor-made colourants
  • Development of any kind of tinting system configuration
  • High colour accuracy and reproducibility due to very narrow colour strength and colour shade specification ranges

Introduction of four new tinting lines

Heubach has at the same time expanded its universal tinting system range of water based pigment preparations by four new tinting lines marketed under the trade name "Heucotint UN 41”, "42”, "43” and "44” series. The formulation technology has been further improved, resulting in a product family which allows the tinting of water- and solvent-based products including silica plasters. It is also compliant with the current regulatory requirements and environmental labels at the same time. All of these colourant tinting systems are specifically designed for point-of-sale tinting (POS) as well as for in-plant applications (IPT).

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