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Friday, 07 August 2020
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ChemQuest appoints Edye Fox Abrams as director of business development

Friday, 11 March 2016

The ChemQuest Group, Inc., a business strategy firm in specialty chemicals, announces the addition of Edye Fox Abrams as director of business development.

Edye Fox Abrams. Source: ChemQuest

Edye Fox Abrams. Source: ChemQuest

 In this role, Edye will build upon ChemQuest’s four pillars of value chain services: strategic consulting; technology and development; mergers, acquisitions and divestiture; and commercial and operational efficiencies.  Innovation enablement will be a key focus for Edye because it supports the "Made in America” reshoring trend by providing clients with the means to develop, market and sell high performance coatings materials and technologies that restore, beautify and protect surfaces for a wide range of products, parts and components, and in industrial maintenance applications.

Experience in the industrial coating and concrete repair markets

"We are thrilled to welcome Edye Fox Abrams to our practice,” said Dan Murad, president/CEO of ChemQuest. "We feel confident that her 25-years of management experience including over 15 years in the industrial coating and concrete repair growth markets will be instrumental in building upon our new and existing clientele.  We are excited to welcome Edye to lead this critical growth initiative for ChemQuest. Edye thinks like a (business) owner, paying acute attention to a company's reputation, niche recognition, corporate culture and financial stability, in creating a unique business model in the client's specific industry. Edye is recognized for thinking with both her head and her heart, to personalize business decisions, and to forge relationships where seemingly there is no common ground.”

About Edye Fox Abrams

As a second generation family owner of Fox Industries, Inc., a niche manufacturing firm with a portfolio of epoxy, acrylic, methyl methacrylate (MMA), cementitious formulations and FRP forms, Edye has worked with a variety of customers to capture market share through inorganic and organic growth initiatives.  Edye’s breadth of experience includes aligning Fox Industries’ R&D effort with marketing and sales for developing quality branded products that were well positioned in the marketplace.  In fact, Edye successfully completed a phased-in approach for re-branding 250 products; established a distribution channel for 25% of the business without adding to the overhead (with a distributor pricing platform for a company that historically sold direct to end users); and ultimately integrated Fox Industries, Inc. (her family-owned manufacturing business) into an NYSE registered company, Simpson Strong-Tie, avoiding many pitfalls during integration while maintaining sales and revenue.

Edye Fox Abrams is a double major B.A. graduate of the University of Pennsylvania’s renowned Annenberg School of Communications and College of Arts and Sciences.

Owner of a niche manufacturer

Of her new position at ChemQuest, Edye said "I am thrilled to put my years of experience in the concrete repair and coatings industry to good use working as a consultant with many companies, rather than just one. As the owner of a niche manufacturer, it was hard to see beyond my own walls. Now I am in the unique and fulfilling role of being able to help all of my contacts succeed in their given businesses, rather than having to discern between friend and competitor.”

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