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Monday, 20 May 2019
Raw materials market
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2 Dec 10
REACH: Most hazardous and most common chemicals registered

ECHA announced 24,675 registration dossiers have been successfully submitted for 4,300 substances including nearly 3,400 phase-in substances by the REACH registration deadline.

12 Jul 10
PU industry in EMEA to grow

Total production of PU products in EMEA will annually grow at 2.9 % until 2014.

4 May 10
Global market for nanotechnology in coatings and adhesives to grow

The global market value for nanotechnology in coatings and adhesives is expected to increase to nearly USD 19.2 billion in 2015.

3 May 10
Pigment consumption to grow in the European coatings sector

According to IRL’s study, most parts of the paint pigments market are growing at between 2 % and 4 % per annum.

22 Mar 10
Demand for Paint in Japan to grow in 2010

The new data published by the Japan Paint Manufacturers Association show an overall growth in the demand for paint for fiscal 2010.

Global hot melt adhesives market to grow
27 Nov 09
+ 5.1 % in global sales in Q3: Cognis observes continuation of upward trend

The business unit Functional Products achieved sales of EUR 591 million, representing a fall of 18.9 %

30 Oct 09
Q1 2009: China’s synthetic resin output was down 2.5%

Exports of synthetic resins were 567,000 tons, down 40.5% year-on-year.

21 Oct 09
ACC studies North American polyurethane market

The production of polyurethane in Mexico increased at an average annual rate of 9.6 % over the past two years, partly due to increased domestic demand.

19 Oct 09
REACH: Late pre-registration ends in November 2009

The pre-registration for certain chemicals and for companies producing articles, or importing for the first time an article containing a phase-in substance that requires registration ends on 30November 2009.

1016 item(s) for Raw materials market
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