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Sunday, 29 March 2020
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Valspar predicts uplifting color palettes and harmonious hues in 2013

Monday, 14 January 2013

Valspar Paint has revealed three 2013 color trend palettes inspired by the newest underlying influences and movements expressed in fashion, food, design and culture. Each of the three Valspar color trend palettes for 2013 - Simple Delights, Gathered Stories, and Electro Noir - provide a variety of color choices for those looking to update their home décor.

In 2013, Valspar predicts three distinct color trends. Source: Fotolia_Cmon

In 2013, Valspar predicts three distinct color trends. Source: Fotolia_Cmon

In 2013, Valspar predicts three distinct color trends that focus on the theme of embracing happiness, authenticity and connectivity in the home. Valspar has curated custom palettes that embrace these forecasted trends and connect to personal colorful memories, from the beauty in simplicity to storied and valued antiques to the sensory experience of new technology. Colors in the palettes range from uplifting peaches, light-hearted pinks, glowing ambers, dusky blues, and transparent greens; all of which would harmonize with any personal style.
"As we move into 2013, we overcome our fear of uncertainty and need for control by pursuing happiness within our home life. While going through economic downturn, we turned back toward the home as a safe haven," said Sue Kim, Valspar Color Strategist. "The Valspar 2013 trend palettes show that our home is ready to break out of its own cocoon and we are ready to start dreaming in color again, inviting the transformative power in color into our lives."

  • The Valspar 2013 Color Trend Palettes:
  • Simple Delights - Born from the constant pursuit of happiness at home, colors that conjure delightful and optimistic feelings are growing in popularity for 2013. Playful and light-hearted hues have an uplifting and soothing effect. Simple Delights consists of soft and sophisticated lights, with pastels that refresh the spirit with a splash of cheer.
  • Gathered Stories - Focusing on what is essential in everyday life has increased the value of artisanal-crafted and handmade items with heritage. To complement this trend, warm, grounded, and comforting colors create a nostalgic and sentimental atmosphere. The aged and reminiscent colors in the Gathered Stories palette honor authenticity and craftsmanship.
  • Electro Noir - As technology pushes experiences to new dimensions, the heightened senses embrace clean, digital colors. Crisp bold tones and saturated colors that are electro-inspired evoke the sense of connectivity and movement, and elevate a room to a new dimension. The Electro Noir palette balances cool metal tones with rich earthen elements.
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