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Monday, 24 February 2020
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Siegwerk extends R&D capabilities and builds inkjet laboratory in France

Monday, 30 May 2016

Siegwerk, the international printing ink manufacturer, has extended its research and development capabilities and has built a dedicated inkjet laboratory at its Technical Center in Annemasse (France).

Siegwerk is set to expand its product portfolio by offering UV inkjet inks for labels, and for packaging applications. Source: Siegwerk

Siegwerk is set to expand its product portfolio by offering UV inkjet inks for labels, and for packaging applications. Source: Siegwerk

The company is set to expand its product portfolio by initially offering UV inkjet inks for labels, and for packaging applications in the future. Siegwerk’s expert team is driving the development of inkjet inks that meet printing process requirements and address the specific challenges of the labels and packaging segments.

16 percent annual growth in digital printing of labels and packaging

Given its unique capability of coping with short print runs and lead times, digital printing takes label and packaging printing to the next level. Short print runs enable brand owners to adjust and customise print designs easily and thereby differentiate their brands from competitors. Shorter lead times allow printers to react fast to the market and customer requirements. There is an increasing interest in regionalisation and personalisation of product packaging, which will drive the growth of digital printing technologies, delivering an estimated 16 percent growth rate in digitally printed labels and packaging (Smithers Pira estimates in "The future of digital print for packaging to 2020”). Siegwerk sees growing demand for application-driven ink systems and inkjet ink customisation in particular. In this respect, digital printing does not necessarily compete with the analog printing technologies, instead it offers printers further opportunities that would not be feasible using any of the conventional printing methods.

Inkjet ink solutions for food, pharma & hygiene applications

"Siegwerk now combines its formulation knowledge and its application expertise with digital printing process requirements to deliver customised inkjet ink solutions for demanding food, pharma and hygiene applications”, says Matthieu Carni, Business Development Manager at Siegwerk. "Furthermore, we are involved in the respective markets and have insights into local regulations as well as an outstanding track record of meeting global brand owner requirements.”

Water-based inkjet inks are to follow at later stage

Siegwerk’s specialists already started working on inkjet inks a few years ago. With "Sicura Jet" and "Sicura NutriJet" the company now offers UV inkjet inks for labels. "Sicura NutriJet" is formulated to meet the specific requirements of the food and pharmaceutical packaging segments. "Ink solutions will be adapted and fully customised to users’ needs. This goes beyond classical colour matching but also covers optimisation of adhesion, mechanical and chemical resistance properties as well as assessment of migration risk”, Matthieu Carni adds. Water-based inkjet inks for packaging applications are to follow at a later stage.

Cooperation with industry and customers

Siegwerk is not only relying on proprietary resources to develop inkjet inks: "We work together with several partners from the industry, from equipment manufacturers to printers and brand owners”, says Matthieu Carni. Even though Siegwerk is going to focus its activities on inkjet inks, the company will also continue to support customers that use electrophotography technology by providing primers and lacquers for demanding applications. "Siegwerk provides best-in-class solutions for digitally printed labels and packaging, enabling customers to differentiate their offerings in a rapidly changing environment”, says Matthieu Carni in summary.

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