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Sunday, 31 May 2020
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Printings inks: positive outlook

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Market research company Ceresana expects growth rates for package, digital and electronic printing.

The importance of printing inks greatly exceeds the revenues of more than USD 20 billion that were generated in this segment in 2011. Source: akf/
The importance of printing inks greatly exceeds the revenues of more than USD 20 billion that were generated in this segment in 2011. Source: akf/F...

Development in modern information technology results in changes that producers and traders of printing inks have to adapt to. The major challenge is posed by the increasing popularity of electronic media - newspapers and books are read on e-readers, information and correspondence are exchanged via the internet. Marketing expenses are increasingly redirected towards TV, radio or internet ads and thus contribute even further to the substitution of traditional print media.

Package printing, on the other hand, is becoming more important to the printing industry. "Goods still have to be packed and consumers need information about the product when they are holding the package. Trade conducted via the internet supports mail order trade and, consequently, increases the need for packaging material", explains Oliver Kutsch, CEO of Ceresana. Demographic changes in industrialized countries and socio-economic changes on many emerging markets result in a change of consumer behavior in regard to packaged foodstuffs. This influences demand for packaging material accordingly.

Digital printing scores with flexibility

At the same time as requirement profile changes in the printing applications, so does the distribution of the printing processes employed. As print run sizes fall and demand for customized printing products rises, digital printing is in the best position to substitute other printing processes and to expand into new application areas. Another printing process to currently profit at above-average growth rates is flexography. Given its dominance on the market for package printing, this segment in particular is able to capitalize on the expanding market for packaging products and may also replace other printing processes in various printing applications.

Electronic printing as a newcomer

Printing inks are customized products that have been developed to fit specific printing processes and applications. The diversity of media to print on and of application areas for the finished products makes a high degree of flexibility indispensable. New application areas emerge that offer the opportunity for printing technologies to establish themselves. A current example is electronic printing, a process that creates complete electronic parts utilizing conductive printing inks. These parts are often used in RFID-chips, displays or solar cells.

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