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Wednesday, 30 September 2020
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A shift from DIY to contractor applied

Thursday, 2 July 2020

The market is moving toward more premium systems due to the forecasted shift from DIY to contactor-applied, says Tim Kittler, from Allnex in our interview on architectural coatings.

(Picture: guerrieroale - adobe.stock)

(Picture: guerrieroale - adobe.stock)

What are current trends in the architectural coatings market?

Tim Kittler: The trends we are seeing in the architectural coatings market are influenced by the same trends we see in many of the markets – the desire to use more environmentally friendly and sustainable raw materials that are recyclable, and waste reduction. This also includes moving toward zero emission products and products that not only don’t adversely affect indoor air quality but can offer some environmental or functional improvement. 

The market is looking for ways to help create more leisure time, and development of products like deck coatings that require less preparation and have a faster return to service allow a quicker completion of a tedious weekend chore. We see that as traditional DIY markets moved toward a "Do it For Me” movement, the communication of the value created by marketing key attributes will have a higher impact than the premiums place on the actual coatings.

Timm Kittler

Tim Kittler is marketing manager, Liquid Resins & Additives at Allnex

How do you think architectural trends will influence the development of coatings in the next years?

Kittler: We see the markets moving toward more premium systems since it is forecast that the architectural coatings market will see a shift from DIY to contractor applied. The need to create products that appeal more to a professional painter that provide a quicker return to service and provide a more "professional” result, will allow for the reduction of warranty call-backs. We see the consumer becoming better educated and understanding that using higher performing products creates extended intervals for repainting.

Have you noticed a trend toward specific functionalities, such as self-cleaning or temperature regulating coatings?

Kittler: There are premium paints on the markets that are already promoting easy clean and stain resistance; but we are also seeing even more drastic functionalities such as improvement of air quality – such as formaldehyde reducing paints – and paints that try to reduce insect-borne diseases by killing mosquitoes.

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