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Friday, 05 June 2020
Coatings market
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21 Apr 11
Raw material shortages impact powder coatings

Increase in demand, combined with the supply shortages, will put even greater pressure on manufacturers leading to issues continuing to impact on powder coating manufacturers throughout 2011.

1 Apr 11
EuPIA Annual Conference: The industry sees overall growth, but worries about increasing number of regulations

Despite the various hurdles which the industry has to overcome: Overall the ink manufacturers have increased their sales volume in 2010 by 3.6 % to 1.13 million tons, compared to the previous year.

15 Mar 11
Brazil: Volume of decorative paints and coatings market to reach USD 3,262.6 million by 2017

The decorative paints and coatings market is highly fragmented, with the top five participants representing about 80% of the market.

11 Mar 11
Indian waterbased adhesives market to grow

New analysis from Frost & Sullivan expects Indian waterbased adhesives market to reach USD 666.7 million in 2016.

7 Mar 11
Development of the European paint and coatings market

The European coatings market is expected to grow, albeit at a low rate, for the short to mid-term.

“Three success factors”
Sustainability is a vital issue
28 Feb 11
Sustainability is a vital issue

For the international coatings industry sustainability is a steadily growing important topic. The editors in chief of the European Coatings Journal shed light on different aspects of sustainablecoatings including life cycle analysis. Also paint manufacturers share their views on when and why coatings are sustainable.

24 Feb 11
Smart coatings market to grow

The market for smart coatings is forecasted to reach a size of USD 3 billion by 2018.

23 Feb 11
Global coatings market to grow by 2015

According to market research company Global Industry Analysts, the global market for coatings is forecast to reach USD 98.69 billion by 2015.

22 Feb 11
Rising figures: Japan’s paint production and sales in 2010

After a deep fall in 2009, the paint production and sales figures have increased again during the year 2010. The Paint & Finishing News has just reported the latest figures provided by the JapanPaint Manufacturers Association.

1163 item(s) for Coatings market
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