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Tuesday, 19 March 2019
Markets & companies

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17 Nov 08
AkzoNobel targeting growth in India

AkzoNobel opens a new coatings manufacturing facility for coil coatings and speciality plastic coatings in India.

A key target achieved: CEPE transformed into an industrial association
1 Nov 08
A key target achieved: CEPE transformed into an industrial association
CEPE transformed into an industrial association CEPE's image as an association of national associations is finally a thing of the past. Even so, familiar faces, some representing nationalassociations, were much in evidence among the participants at this year's CEPE Annual Conference and General Assembly in Berlin. more
1 Sep 08
Inclusion of IPBC as an active substance in the BPD
Biocides Troy Corporation was notified of the Annex 1 listing of 3-Iodo-2-propynyl butylcarbamate (IPBC), as published on 29 July 2008 in the Official Journal of the European Union. Troy Corporationled the effort of a group of companies more
1 Sep 08
Tikkurila to establish a sales company in Belarus
Expansion Tikkurila, which is responsible for Kemira‘s paints and coatings business, will strengthen its position in East Europe by establishing a sales company called IP Tikkurila in Minsk/Belarusto be responsible for the marketing, more
1 Sep 08
Rockwood Holdings to acquire Holliday Pigments
Takeover Rockwood Holdings, Inc., headquartered in New Jersey, USA, has reached an agreement with the British chemicals group Yule Catto & Co. plc to purchase Holliday Pigments, a manufacturer oftechnical grade ultramarine and manganese more
1 Sep 08
Q-Lab opens second site in Europe
Weathering technology Q-Lab Corporation announced the opening of the new Q-Lab Deutschland GmbH Weathering Technology Centre. The facility, staffed with experts in the weathering sciences, is locatednear Düsseldorf/Germany.Since more
1 Sep 08
Hönle consolidates its market position by diverse aquisitions
UV technology The Hönle group consolidated its position in the growth market of UV technology by acquiring systematically the adhesive specialist Panacol as well as PrintConcept and Eltosch, bothpositioned in the printing market. more
Dow acquires Rohm and Haas
1 Sep 08
Dow acquires Rohm and Haas
The aqcuisition of Rohm and Haas shows Dow's ambitions to become a stronger resource and innovation leader in the coatings industry more
2898 item(s) for Markets & companies
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