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Tuesday, 18 June 2019
Markets & companies

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23 May 19
Axalta announces new distributor for industrial wood coatings

Axalta has announced a new partnership with Palmetto Paint Specialties, a leading distributor for the industrial coatings market in the Carolinas' region.

22 May 19
Ranking 2019: The 25 largest coatings producers in Europe

The ranking of the 25 largest producers of paints and varnishes in 2019 once again shows data on sales, production sites and business fields of the listed companies. There was movement and change, especially in the midfield.

22 May 19
Safic-Alcan opens a new subsidiary in Greece

Safic-Alcan announces that it has formed a new subsidiary, Safic-Alcan Hellas, for servicing the Greek market, effective immediately.

21 May 19
Helios: Dietmar Jost new Chief Officer for Industrial Coatings

Helios announced changes in the top management team: CEO David Kubala will be joined by Dietmar Jost, newly appointed as Chief Officer for Industrial Coatings.

20 May 19
British Coatings Federation: Severe raw material shortages affect supply of paints and inks

As the British Coatings Federation (BCF) reports, the supply of several important chemicals is restricted after a severe explosion and fire in an industrial park in China.

16 May 19
Comvest Partners acquires VanDeMark Chemical

Comvest Partners has announced its investment in VanDeMark Chemical. VanDeMark products are primarily used in pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, plastics/polymers, and CASE applications.

15 May 19
Asahi Kasei to relocate European headquarter to Düsseldorf harbor

Asahi Kasei relocates its European headquarter Asahi Kasei Europe (AKEU) within Düsseldorf. The relocation is scheduled for the second half of 2020.

14 May 19
Architectual coatings market going upward

The outlook for the architectural coatings market is positive. A growing middle-class population and the rising standard of living in the region will increase the demand in emerging regions.

14 May 19
Chromaflo Technologies opens its new facility in Malaysia

Chromaflo Technologies officially opened its new Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia facility. The new facility includes colourant manufacturing operations and warehouse space with an office facility.

2973 item(s) for Markets & companies
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