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Friday, 23 August 2019
Markets & companies

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22 Aug 19
Rain Carbon begins commissioning process at new hydrogenated hydrocarbon resins facility in Germany

Rain Carbon, a global producer of carbon-based products, initiated the phased start-up of its hydrogenated hydrocarbon resins production facility in Castrop- Rauxel, Germany.

21 Aug 19
Vink Chemicals increases production capacity

The biocide producer Vink Chemicals has taken over ISP Biochema Schwaben GmbH in Memmingen, thus expanding its production capacity.

20 Aug 19
"Asian paint companies continue to be aggressive in pursuing assets in Europe"

Despite the decreasing number of takeovers and mergers in recent months, Ben Scharff, an expert on corporate transactions, sees a new dynamic in recent months. In our interview, the Managing Director of Grace Matthews explains why.

20 Aug 19
Brenntag acquires remaining shares in Crest Chemicals

Brenntag acquires remaining 50 percent of the shares in South African distributor Crest Chemicals

19 Aug 19
EuPIA issues updated Suitability List of Photoinitiators and Photosynergists for Food Contact Materials

EuPIA (the European Printing Ink Association) has updated its Suitability List of Photoinitiators and Photosynergists for Food Contact Materials.

sand-1243730_1920-Quelle palichka Pixabay..jpg
15 Aug 19
Evonik acquisition of Peroxy Chem delayed by FTC lawsuit

Evonik declared it will defend itself against the action of the Federal Trade Commission, which announced it will file a lawsuit seeking to block Evonik’s proposed acquisition of Peroxy Chem.

14 Aug 19
Brenntag closes acquisition of African distributor Desbro Group

Brenntag has completed the acquisition of the chemical distribution business of Desbro Group in Kenya and the UAE.

13 Aug 19
Five facts about the Austrian coatings market

The chemical industry is one of the most vital branches of industry in Austria. An important part of which is the paints and coatings industry. We have compiled five facts about the Austrian coatings market.

13 Aug 19
Two companies under one roof

TQC Sheen UK and C&W Specialist Equipment have moved to a new premises together. From July 31 they share a new accommodation in Leominster, Herefordshire.

3035 item(s) for Markets & companies
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