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Tuesday, 29 September 2020
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27 Sep 11
Conference: New production & application trends are changing market dynamics in the can and coil market

Conference: New production & application trends are changing market dynamics in the can and coil marketNew applications, regulations, production technologies, market opportunities: There is morethan one answer to the question, what will be essential for future success of the Coil and Can coatings industry. Discuss all critical success factors with registered participants from 7 countries:Share your point of view with coil and can experts from Germany, the UK, Australia, Switzerland, France, the Netherlands and Belgium. (Program:;Registration:

16 Sep 11
Hempel expands R&D in Spain

In Spain, Hempel extensively expands its R&D with development of fire protective coatings for the global market.

13 Sep 11
Sticking like a gecko

Adherence to rough surfaces is still an unsolved issue. Researchers look very close to geckos fibres.

5 Sep 11
European Association of Industrial Painting Contractors concluded a cooperation agreement

EAIPC/UEEPI represents, and takes actions to safeguard and to promote, the interests of (associations of) entrepreneurs and enterprises engaged in industrial painting and related fields at theinternational level.

5 Sep 11
Stability problem for effective antibacterial additives solved

Antimicrobial additives for architectural paints and impregnates are now stable with silica nanospheres containing immobilised silver and copper.

Call for Paper for the World Adhesive & Sealant Conference
17 Aug 11
The PaintExpo Eurasia celebrates its premier

The 1st international trade fair for industrial coating technology takes place in Istanbul, Turkey, from 6th to 8th October 2011.

15 Aug 11
Project establishes an African network for cement and concrete technologies

SPIN is acronym for "Spearhead Network for Innovative, Clean and Safe Cement and Concrete Technologies”. The project aims to establish sustainable cement and concrete construction in Africa.

12 Aug 11
Biobased resins show improved properties

New resins show improved properties over current biobased materials and processes, mechanical properties comparable to petrochemical-based materials and increased renewable material content

4 Aug 11
Understanding polyurethane chemistry

One-day seminar delivers a full understanding of the underlying chemistry and properties of the various polyurethane binder components and their application in important formulations.

635 item(s) for Homepage news
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