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Sunday, 27 September 2020
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10 Jun 13
How architects can make a contribution to sustainability

Attitude towards sustainable materials across Europe – the importance of construction engineers for the future building industry.

25 Nov 11
Automotive coatings in the focus

The European Coatings Conference "Automotive Coatings" offers 13 presentations regarding up-to-date developments in the automotive industry.

23 Nov 11
EuPIA issues new guidelines on printing inks in food packaging

The updated version replaces the September 2009 protocols of EuPIA’s guideline relating to the non-food contact surface of food packaging materials and articles.

9 Nov 11
Colorimeter wins the price

The first colorimeter that can be connected with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch has won an innovation award.

7 Nov 11
Researcher from Fraunhofer lectures "Fundamentals of Adhesives"

Dr. Matthias Popp, Group Leader "Adhesive Compositions" at Fraunhofer IFAM, Bremen, Germany will lecture a concise pre-conference tutorial on the basics of adhesive bonding.

CoSI 2012: Call for papers
2 Nov 11
Tutorial provides update on adhesive bonding

Pre-conference tutorial "Fundamentals of adhesives" will introduce participants to the details and theoretical background of adhesive bonding and compositions.

11 Oct 11
Epoxy-based adhesives to improve rotor blade manufacturing

While epoxy based adhesives have successfully been used for many years by the industry, research was undertaken to further improve those products regarding aspects of processability and finalperformance.

6 Oct 11
Protective overcoat for thermal printheads introduced

New development makes thermal printheads six times more resistant to corrosion while increasing print quality and energy efficiency.

30 Sep 11
Film printing inks are plant compatible

A waterbased film ink series especially for use on biodegradable films is now available. Its suitability for use on compostable films, has been confirmed.

635 item(s) for Homepage news
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