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Sunday, 26 May 2019

What is color matching?

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Nancy Doherty, http://www.european-coatings.c

Sunday 08 October 2017 9:45:59 am

A<a href="" > color match </a> attempts to determine the degree of difference between two samples. The differences between light sources help to surface this, if they are significantly different in spectral reflectance. On the surface, performing a proper visual color match should be a simple straight-forward procedure. Once the procedure has been established, it should be fairly simple to determine if two colors match. The procedure will be different depending on the industry, the company’s requirements and the samples that are to be compared. This should be expected due to the differing requirements of the color match.

There may be problems experienced when performing the visual color match. They could result from the improper choice or use of a light source, the spectral characteristics of the samples being compared or differences between the people evaluating the match, commonly called the observer. The differences between observers can be minimized by maintaining consistent backgrounds to the samples, verification of color perception differences (determination of color blindness) and following consistent procedures. However, if these aspects are minimized one should expect a high degree of confidence in the visual color matching process.

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