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Thursday, 23 May 2019

Scratch Resistance of 1K Acrylic Coating

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Cakar Davaslioglu, DYO Boya Fabrikalari Sanayi

Tuesday 08 January 2019 3:02:53 pm

I have a problem and yet could not find a solution.
We have 1K acrylic coating that is applied onto electrical motors. (casted iron) It works well and cured at 80°C. The materials are immediately packed into cardboxes after curing period. But during transportation some slightly coloring occurs on the cardboxes. I added some type of waxes and anti scratch additives into the formulation in order to block the surface but the problem remains. Actually I want to examine the exact reason of this issue.
Could the reason be the binder/pigment/wetting agent ratio or the type of the wetting agent?
Or maybe pigments are not totally embeded into the matrix?
Did you have such experience? I would like to have your suggestions. Thank you.

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