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Tuesday, 19 November 2019

PCB in Paint

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Friday 05 March 1999 1:00:00 am

I am doing some research in Canada on the issue of PCBs in Paint that
may have been used from 1954-1974.
I am familiar with the EPA rules on Bulk product PCB waste, but can not find
anything on the origins of this ruling.
Also is there any studies in Europe on how much of this material was used. Where this material was
used, the current risk of PCB in Paint, and disposal options.

I was hoping that you could direct me towards some reference on this
issues (how widespread is the issue and the risk from PCB is paint), and
any information you may have on stripping options.


Michael Fowler, P. Eng.
RMC Institute for the Environment
Kingston, Ontario
613-541-6000 ext 6827
Fax 613-545-3481

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Friday 26 March 1999 1:00:00 am

Polychlorinated biphenyls were formerly used as plasticisers and in some cases as soft resin in coating formulations, where the thermal stability, range of variability in viscosity and low volatility were valued properties.
As PCBs are generally regarded as a health hazard, mainly because of their carcinogenic effects, these materials are no longer considered for coatings manufacture, particularly as there are plenty of other substances with a comparable plasticising capacity e.g. phthalates, unless internal plasticisation is employed by incorporating flexible segments in the molecule chain structure of the paint resin. It is not only the toxicity per se which militates against the use of PCBs but also their great persistence, as a result of which they enter the food chain of various animals and plants. The use of PCBs is restricted throughout Europe by virtue of a corresponding EC Directive. At national level there are similar prohibitions; in Germany, for example, these are laid down in the 10th Order of the Federal anti-pollution act.

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