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Thursday, 23 May 2019

Commercial Boiler

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Buddy Hughes

Sunday 09 December 2018 6:07:46 pm

We currently have 2 Laars Mighty Therm boilers (400 MBH each) connected in series to heat a 25 unit apartment using aluminium fin radiators throughout. The heat exchanges in both boilers appear to be leaking so we are looking at several options. The boilers are about 18 yrs old so we are not sure replacing as the heat exchangers are sensible. If we replace the boilers, our first preference, given the cost of a condensing system, would be to install a new hydronic system. I would be interested in your thoughts on whether replacing the heat exchanges makes any sense and if not I assume we would need to get a heat loss study to size a replacement system. Would that be included by people bidding on the replacement or should it be done by an [url=]industrial heating service[/url]? If the latter any thoughts on cost? Any comments on most reliable replacement boilers? I have seen some concerns expressed about mighty therm 2 and bosch but I don't know if those are isolated experiences.

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