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Saturday, 30 May 2020

Causes and solution to haze appearing when applying Alkypolysiloxane

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John Johnson, The NORDAM Group

Tuesday 06 August 2019 7:48:09 pm

We are having issues with haze appearing when spin coating Alkypolysiloxane hard coat on stretched PMMA. The spin-coating is performed in a cleanroom held at 68-70 deg F, 40-55% Rh. We have successfully removed haze from some product completely by wiping with n-Butyl Alcohol but it does not work every time. We use all reagent grade solvents and de-ionized water when cleaning these materials. I have checked the purity of all the materials. Is it possible that this haze is caused by un-cross linked polymers on the surface or possibility due to incompatible diluents in the hard coat or the cleaning solvents? Any suggestion would be appreciated.

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