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Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Material Testing Equipments

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Harry Qessen, Luda Machinery Instrument

Tuesday 30 October 2018 5:54:35 am

Dear guys,

Do you need material testing equipment?

Luda Machinery Instrument( is one of the largest manufacturers that specializes in cutting-edge testing machines and laboratory equipment. Infrastructure including roads, railways, airports, telecommunications and other public facilities are a cornerstone to the urban developments across the globe and more structures come up every day.

The quality of any structure greatly depends on the efficiency of the testing equipment and laboratory instruments used during the construction process. At Luda we are dedicated to attending to the ever-changing demands of our clients in high-end testing machines and laboratory equipment.

Our number one goal is to ensure that our clients get the best available testing.

Compression testing machine for concrete, cement:

Universal testing machine for all kinds of metal and non-metal material:

Other testing equipment:

Concrete testing:

Cement testing:

Mechanic testing:

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