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Sunday, 19 January 2020

product failure

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Tuesday 24 August 1999 1:00:00 am

The enamels based on melamine-formaldehyde resins and short-oil alkyd resins deteriorate in time (around 1 month) as the drying and hardness are concerned. This happens especially during cold season (winter time)
What do you think could cause this?

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Wednesday 25 August 1999 1:00:00 am

There may be 2 ways to deal with the problem you describe:
1. The correct MF resin,in terms of reactivity and compatibility, should be selected.
2.Take care to avoid a premature reaction between the MF resin and the short oil alkyd, catalyzed by the acidity od the alkyd. This means that a low acid No. alkyd should be selected and a neutralizing amine should be added to the formulation along with a small amount of butanol.
Arieh Calahorra OR

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