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Monday, 27 January 2020


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Wednesday 08 September 1999 1:00:00 am

What type of Hardner is used isocynate/aromatic? what grades available ?any thinning required before mixing with base
what acrylics resins are used
is polyester resin used?

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Friday 10 September 1999 1:00:00 am

There are several questions that need be answered prior to narrowing your raw material search, and an ideal formulation. Questions like
* What is the substrate and its condition?
* What are the surface preparation options?
* Would the PU Varnish be the topcoat in a system or is it a single coat application?
* What would the operating conditions that the floor coated with the PU Varnish be subjected to?
* What is the environment condition? Is the floor an industrial or a commercial floor or is it a floor subjected to sports activities?
* What is the user expectation from the PU Varnish?
* Would you and/or the user want to look into alternate products to the 2K PU Varnish or is the decision strictly to use 2K PU Varnish?
These are only few samples of the several questions, answers to which will lead to an understanding of the requirements and hence to designing a suitable formulation. There could be more questions. However, you could begin your exercise for the PU Varnish formulation from the answers to these questions.
Should this be of further interest, please contact me directly with the answers, and I'll try and lead you towards sample formulations, but on a professionsl basis.

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