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Saturday, 30 May 2020

Preparing Exterior and Products from Corrosion– Acid Resistant Coatings

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Protexion Services, Protexion

Thursday 30 May 2019 12:31:07 pm

Acid resistant coatings and paint are designed for concrete floors and walls, fiber and for metal to avoid corrosion from chemicals and acids. These type of coatings ensure that substrate remain hard-wearing and last longer. Without proper protective floor coating solvents, acids, salts and other substances absorbed by the substrate, causing the corrosion and contamination. You would successfully eliminate costs and minimize in paying for untimely floor repairing.

Reasons why to apply acid resistant coatings
• Easy to manage and clean
• Highly resistance to chemicals
• Highly resistance to acids
• Low friction and skid resistance
• Multiple colors
• Non stick
• Abrasion / Wear Resistance

Protexion protective coatings and solution providers offer protection to concrete, metal and wide range of acid processing industries. Acid resistant coatings play extensive role in protection against harmful acids and solvents and even some cleaning solutions which can easily leads corrosion on floors. These coatings are need to perform safely and always under punishing conditions and need to be highly resistant.

Protect surfaces from acids
Protection against acids comes in various guises around the workplace every day, from storage of chemicals, protecting bunded areas from accidental spillage, etc. Acid proof coatings designed for industrial environments which deal with acids in forms of immersion contact. These coating used for instance in acid storage areas on walls and floors. Acid resistant paints are specially designed to offer a lot more protection than coatings which protect surfaces from hydraulic fluids, petrol and oils. These coatings are available for high-end requirements.
• Packaging
• Concrete structures
• Funnels
• Machinery and processing equipment
• Liquid spillages
• Acid storage areas
• Storage tanks
• Cooling towers
• Bund walls

Select the correct acid proof paint
The right acid resistant coatings and paints are the one that will satisfies requirements and needs of substrate. When choosing acid resistant coatings some important factors to define prior to making the decision. Some questions you have to ask to acid resistant coating supplier:
1. Which acid coating must be resistant to?
2. What is concentration of that chemical?
3. How long will coat surface be exposed to chemical?

Protexion will answer all those questions and consider the general environments according to properties the best coating should provide.
If you need any requirements about acid resistant coatings, call our team to discuss which product will be suited for your requirement. We can be carried out for larger projects so specifications can be tailored to meet projects requirements and we are always freely available to help you with your project.

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