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Sunday, 31 May 2020

PTFE coating on AL substrate

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Deeban Arul, Sanden

Monday 08 April 2019 9:29:41 am

After machining (AL - substrate) we make shot blasting to reduce roughness we focus to keep Rz 6 . After shot blasting we make PTFE coating ( NMP free ) due to REACH regulations . Since the coating suppliers is still in the development stages , I would like to know what are all the ways we can have good adhesion in coating . Let me break it down more 1. Coating material ( with suitable binders , resins and baking temperature ) this is the supplier criteria 2.Substrate side the way to keep the good adhesion is cleaning , keeping good roughness . While i was searching more i came across chemical etching process to keep good uniform coating , Can any one tell me how chemical etching process can helpful in PTFE ( NMP Free coating )

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