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Sunday, 26 May 2019

Anti scratch glass paints & resins

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Mohammad Rabiei

Friday 04 May 2018 12:06:56 pm

'm active in glass painting industry and hold a workshop. Some decorative jars and crystalline manufacturers give me their jars and crystalline to paint in different colors. Other workshops also ask me to provide them with appropriate paints.

I need solvent based, transparent, good adhesion and hard resistant liquid colors to use. The available liquid paints in local market should be baked in oven with high temperature more than 500°C to penetrate in the glass texture and become stable and anti-scratch. This high temperature costs high for driviing the ovens, that's why I'm looking for colors to be resistant in temperatures about 200°C. In this temperature the paints are just dried over the surface of the glass and ceramic, so they are more susceptible and are almost easily removed. I'm looking for high quality paints which could show high resistant in 200°C. The needed colors are red, golden yellow, green, blue and turquoise.

The other option is to provide appropriate resins to add to the available paints and make them resistant under 200°C oven temperature.

I wonder if anyone could help me on either of the above options.

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