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Tuesday, 25 February 2020

problem finish suppliers

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Wednesday 30 September 1998 1:00:00 am

we have had problems with a clear coat laquer on wood surfaces. when discussing this with the supplier they came up with many excuses the finish was not holding up, two much millage, noncompatable stain under finish, and so on. im not a rocket sientest but i do know what we did was ok and sent samples to different labs to veryify. these tests all came back within spec. i have found a few others with the same problems and results.
my question is where or how can we find more people using a this product and how it is working for them, and where we can find the people that are having problems and how these problems were handled by this company.
we live in us, iowa and dont have many finishing shops nearby to verify their use of this product. i feel as big business is stepping all over those of us that are to small to have our own labs onsite, or have a legal team to work with us.
any information will be greatly appreciated and thank you in advance. john

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Thursday 08 October 1998 1:00:00 am

What kind of problem are you having in wood top coat ?

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