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Wednesday, 30 September 2020

Tan Ky Mineral- manufacturer of calcium carbonate in Vietnam with Hosokawa Alpine Technology

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Talia Ng,

Wednesday 05 February 2020 5:52:16 am

Tan Ky Mineral Processing Joint Stock Company is one of leading manufacturer of calcium carbonate in Vietnam. We own one of the best quality limestone mines in Vietnam (with a reserve of 1,174,218 m3 of white limestone for marble slab and 7,689,464 tons of white limestone for making calcium carbonate stone powder) and the most modern grinding technology in Vietnam from the Hosokawa Alpine Group of Germany. We are confident to bring the best products to our customers.
Our products are now widely used in the domestic market as well as international markets (such as India, Bangladesh, Australia, Cambodia, Indonesia,...) for industries such as plastics (making plastic granules filler, manufacturing PVC pipes, plastic door profile, household appliances, ...), paints (road paints, water based paints, ...), paper (printing paper, paper towels, ...), rubber (producing rubber gloves, shoes sandals, ...), cosmetics, animal feed, decorative materials in construction, ...
Please kindly contact us at what'sapp +84 868989350 for best quotation.
Please visit our website for more details:

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