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Thursday, 18 October 2018

Congress programme Calendar

First congress day Tuesday 23. October 2018
Session 1: Introduction, issues, initiatives

09:15 -
09:45 h
1.1 Improved wb acrylics for water-borne trim-paints
Thomas Bernhofer, Synthomer, Germany Driven by the European Directive 2004/42/EC on VOCs SB al...
09:45 -
10:15 h
1.2 A bio-based concept to improve the fire resistance of wood and wood coatings
Dr Lars Passauer, Institut für Holztechnologie Dresden, Germany In order to improve the fire r...
10:15 -
10:45 h
1.3 Silylated linseed oil for wood protection
Ewelina Depczyńska, Poznań University of Life Sciences, Poland Natural oils are well known pro...
11:15 -
11:45 h
1.4 Biomass balance – a ground-breaking approach for more sustainable wood coatings without compromising on performance
Tunja Jung, Roland Baumstark, BASF SE, Germany Consumers increasingly require more sustainable...
11:45 -
12:15 h
1.5 From wood basics to new innovative design solutions for the future
Luc Sterckx, Allnex, Belgium The wood coating protection market is predicted to grow by 4%. Ho...
12:15 -
12:45 h
1.6 High performing plant-based binders with reduced CFP
Dr Tijs Nabuurs, DSM Coating Resins, The Netherlands In the past decade research into high per...
First congress day Tuesday 23. October 2018
Session 2: Interior wood coatings - new technology

Session 3: Exterior wood coatings – testing & measurement

14:00 -
14:30 h
2.1 Great polymer for the industrial furniture market deserves a great formulation and application
Vyacheslav Starkov, Dow Coating Materials, Germany Water-borne one-component acrylic systems h...
3.1 Improving the hail resistance of wood coatings
Dr Boris Forsthuber, Holzforschung Austria, Austria Hail impacts on coated wood exceeding a ce...
14:30 -
15:00 h
2.2 Beyond green:- a toolbox for uncompromised industrial flooring
Holger Wach, Byk Chemie, Germany UV curing, one of the fastest growing technologies worldwide...
3.2 Comparison of several methods to assess the performance of tannin blocking coatings
Laurence Podgorski, FCBA, France Oak and chestnut are two wood species rich in tannins contrib...
15:00 -
15:30 h
2.3 Novel water-based energy-curable PU dispersions extend sustainable product offering for wood
Dr Michel Tielemans, Allnex, Belgium Water-based energy curable products are low-viscous dispe...
3.3 Harmonization of the tensile test conditions for exterior woodcoatings - round robin results
Dr Claudia Schirp, Fraunhofer Institute for Wood Research, WKI, Germany At present, different...
16:00 -
16:30 h
2.4 Aesthetic value in polyamide based polyurethane coatings
Miriam Peralta, Lubrizol, United Kingdom We developed a novel type of polyurethane technology...
3.4 Self-healing through microencapsulated agents for protective wood coatings
Dr Albert Rössler, Adler-Werk Lackfabrik Johann Berghofer, Austria In recent years, self-heali...
16:30 -
17:00 h
2.5 Silane/Polyurethane-hybrid crosslinkers for ultra-durable coating systems
Tobias Unkelhäuser, Evonik Resource Efficiency, Germany Silane/polyurethane-hybrid crosslinker...
3.5 Realistic simulated weathering of exterior wood coatings
Berit Lindegaard, Danish Technological Institute, Denmark The purpose of the weathering machin...
17:00 -
17:30 h
2.6 Shortening the drying gap between 2K solvent-borne and 2K water-borne PU
Dr Eva Tejada, Covestro, Spain 2K solvent-borne polyurethane (PU) is still today the dominant...
3.6 A comparison of natural and artificial weathering to evaluate durability of exterior coatings
Vyacheslav Starkov, Dow Coating Materials, Germany The weathering resistance of exterior coati...
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Second congress day Wednesday 24. October 2018
Session 4: Interior wood coatings – testing & measurement

Session 6: Exterior wood coatings – new technology I

09:00 -
09:30 h
4.1 Improvement of European furniture surface classification system on resistance to chemicals
Dr Hans-Christian Leue, Remmers Industrielacke, Germany The resistance to chemicals is the mos...
6.1 Cellulose nanofibrils in wood coatings - improved hail storm resistance?
Tina Künniger, Empa - Swiss Federal Laboratories Science and Technology, Switzerland Property...
09:30 -
10:00 h
4.2 Indoor air product emission testing with EN 16516 for European, national and private demands
Daniel Tigges, Eco-Institut, Germany The EU-Construction building regulation (EU305/2011) requ...
6.2 The influence of paint colour and cooling pigments on total solar reflectance and surface temperature of wood panels during natural weathering
Dr Gerhard Grüll, Holzforschung Austria, Austria The surface temperature of coated wooden pane...
10:00 -
10:30 h
4.3 Light fastness and artificial results
Prof Franco Bulian, Catas, Italy The light fastness of furniture surfaces is an important para...
6.3 Influence of non-VOC coalescing agents on durability of wood coatings for window joinery
Dr Artur Palasz, Spektrochem Coatings Adhesives and Polymers R&D Centre, Poland The research w...
Second congress day Wednesday 24. October 2018
Session 5: Interior wood coatings - application technology

Session 6: Exterior wood coatings – new technology I

11:00 -
11:30 h
5.1 Finishing of wood by electrostatic application of powders made of natural raw materials
Christoph Jocham, Kompetenzzentrum Holz/WoodKPlus, Austria Natural raw materials, like carnaub...
6.4 Extended open time - microfibrillated cellulose a novel multifunctional rheology modifier
Dr Otto Soidinsalo, Borregaard, Norway One of the biggest challenges with the waterborne coati...
11:30 -
12:00 h
5.2 Possibilities for control of powder coating process
Prof Klaus Rehm, Berner Fachhochschule, Switzerland Powder coating on MDF is still largely int...
6.5 New electrostatic coating technology for wood
René Massard, Kemica Coatings, France When the wood is exposed to a corrosive atmosphere, it n...
12:00 -
12:30 h
5.3 Enhanced technology for electrostatic spray on wood-plastic composites
Atman Fozdar, Chemical Dynamics, United States Our research has led to the development of rapi...
6.6 Industrial coating of cladding: Inline control of temperature, film thickness and microfoam
Dr Ulrich Hundhausen, Norwegian Institute of Wood Technology (Treteknisk), Norway Wood has bee...
Second congress day Wednesday 24. October 2018
Session 7: Novel materials & procedures

Session 8: Exterior wood coatings – new technology II

13:30 -
14:00 h
7.1 Polyurethan-crosslinker for internal wood coatings applications
Rolf Klucker, Vencorex, France Waterborne 2-Component-PUR Wood Coatings, VOC, Indoor Air Quali...
8.1 Novel oil-modified acrylic multi-domain dispersions for wood coatings
Dr Andreas Steiner, Allnex, Austria Waterborne acrylic dispersions and alkyd emulsions have be...
14:00 -
14:30 h
7.2 Oxidizable phenolic based urethanes
Sam Morell, S.P. Morell and Company, United States A novel line of air drying resins have rece...
8.2 Fluoropolymer topcoats for joinery with enhanced durability
Dr Kurt Wood, Arkema, United States Aqueous hybrid dispersions of poly(vinylidene fluoride) (P...
14:30 -
15:00 h
7.3 A more efficient way of dispersing pigment in water
Christopher Williams, Lubrizol, United Kingdom Through optimisation of hydrophobic characteris...
8.3 Permanent non-leaching multi-functional organoclays for improvement of durability of biocide-free wood coating systems
Solvita Kostjukova, Alina, Latvia The developed multi-functional organoclays are used for tren...
15:30 -
16:00 h
7.4 Screening method for potential antimicrobial agents for exterior wood coatings
Jonas Stenbæk, Danish Technological Institute, Denmark New laws and regulations drives the dev...
8.4 Sustainably perfect wood coatings (WoodStainProtection-Technology)
Peter van Herzele, Gebrueder Dorfner, Germany The isolation of staining wood extractives espec...
16:00 -
16:30 h
7.5 Can a surface be leveled to the next level?
Manuela Loch, Carolin Klein, Merck, Germany Can a surface be leveled to the next level? Formul...
8.5 TBD
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