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Monday, 28 September 2020

Congress programme Calendar

First congress day Tuesday 20. October 2020
Session 1: Novel concepts, principles & materials

Session 2: Measuring & Testing

09:15 -
09:45 h
1.1 New sealing primer with superior stain blocking for high quality, clear and pigmented wood coatings
Denis Rodionov, Dow, USA The industrial wood coatings market comprises many different sub-segm...
09:45 -
10:15 h
1.2 A breakthrough innovation for low-toxicity crosslinking
Ad Overbeek, DSM Coating Resins, The Netherlands The quest for a crosslinker for waterborne pa...
10:15 -
10:45 h
1.3 Bio-based binders and matt additives for “natural look” of wood
Lorenzo Matassini, Lamberti, Italy With a total system approach to address the needs of water...
11:15 -
11:45 h
1.4 Self-healing materials: A novel solution for durable wood coatings
Eric Brouwer, Croda, The Netherlands The continuous market drive for more durable materials wi...
11:45 -
12:15 h
1.5 LIFE-Biopaint, a European project for advanced biobased UV-cured coatings
Marcello Vitale, IVM Chemicals, Italy LIFE-Biopaint is a project funded by LIFE, the EU progra...
12:15 -
12:45 h
1.6 Lowering the carbon footprint of alkyd based coatings with no compromise for quality with TallOilFattyAcid as building block
Patrick van Waes, Kraton, The Netherlands Tall Oil Fatty Acids (TOFA) originating from sustain...
14:15 -
14:45 h
2.1 Water vapour permeability of modern water-borne industrial woodcoatings, test method, comparison with water permeability and durability results
Niels Lutke Schipholt, SHR, The Netherlands For over 25 years SHR has been involved in perform...
14:45 -
15:15 h
2.2 Fire protection tests: Cone versus SBI
Dr Birgit Hillebrand-Schmidt, Mocopinus, Germany After the conflagration of Grenfell Tower in...
15:15 -
15:45 h
2.3 On-site measurement of dry paint film thickness on wood
Peter Svane, Coating Consultancy, Denmark On-site measurements of dry paint film thickness (DF...
16:15 -
16:45 h
2.4 Standardization of the spraying process with a flow meter
Elisa Saarela, Centria University of Applied Sciences , Finland There are several variables th...
16:45 -
17:15 h
2.5 Deposition of nanoscale functional films on wood to enhance antimicrobial protection and coating durability
Sven Gerullis, Innovent, Germany In the last years a significant progress has been made in the...
17:15 -
17:45 h
2.6 Learning solutions for decorative and durable wood coating surfaces
Heike Semmler, Evonik Resource Efficiency, Germany Wood Coatings have to balance requirements...
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Second congress day Wednesday 21. October 2020
Session 3: Interior wood coatings

Session 4: Exterior wood coatings

09:00 -
09:30 h
3.1 Are water-borne wood coating systems really more sustainable than solvent-borne systems?
Dr Berta Vega Sánchez, Covestro, Germany Life cycle assessment (LCA) has become an important t...
09:30 -
10:00 h
3.2 Next generation of ultra-matt polyurethanes for 1K and 2K water-based coatings
Joan Parareda, Stahl Polymers, The Netherlands Our matt Relca range is the next generation of...
10:00 -
10:30 h
3.3 High transparency with engeneered perlite in water-based wood clear coats
Emmanuelle Griaud, Imerys Performance Minerals, United Kingdom The wood coatings market is pro...
11:00 -
11:30 h
3.4 Improving stain resistance - optimized titaniumdioxide and matched binder chemistry for breaktrough performance
Mariusz Molon, Kronos, Germany Stains that remain on a coated surface does not only appear uns...
11:30 -
12:00 h
3.5 A novel non-isocyanate-based and formaldehyde-free technology for solvent- and water-borne systems
Andreas Hermes, Allnex, Germany Based on our extensive background, Allnex has developed water-...
12:00 -
12:30 h
3.6 Durability & controlled aspect of interior wood coating – a unique additive to meet both challenges
Jean-Yves Loze, Arkema, France The interior wood coatings market includes a wide range of prod...
13:30 -
14:00 h
4.1 UV curable coatings; The answer for high productivity, superior exterior durability and easy-to-customize solutions for exterior applications
Jan Devroede, Allnex, The Netherlands In times of climate change and environmental pressure, t...
14:00 -
14:30 h
4.2 Influence of coating on biocides migration and depletion from treated wood exposed to natural weathering
Oussemah Ouali, FCBA Technological Institute University of Bordeaux , France Outdoor wooden j...
14:30 -
15:00 h
4.3 Unique cobalt-free driers for improved dry times and other added benefits in wood coatings
Allison Musto, Borchers, Germany Wood coatings based on oxidatively cured alkyd resins have re...
15:30 -
16:00 h
4.4 Weathering-resistant powder coating of WPC – challenges and results
Jürgen Leßlhumer, Wood K plus, Austria Weathering resistance is still a weak point of WPC. Lig...
16:00 -
16:30 h
4.5 Predicting the long-term performance of wood coatings
Dr. Stefan Friebel, Fraunhofer WKI, Germany There are numerous standard methods for accelerate...
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