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Monday, 18 March 2019

Webinar Lanxess


Free Webinar with Lanxess on 05 June 2018 at 15 h (CET)

Join us online when Stephan Spiegelhauer gives a free presentation on:

Adding yellow to the shades of red – continuing developments in the field of red iron oxides


Red iron oxides are an important raw material in the manufacture of many paints & coatings. Despite the importance of red oxides, the potential for high-quality yellow-shade red pigments has not been fully exhausted. That is why LANXESS has developed a new manufacturing technology. With the Ningbo Process, specific pigment characteristics and targeted color spaces can be obtained by balancing the individual manufacturing parameters during synthesis and processing.

This webinar will introduce the main characteristics and mechanism of a new yellow-shade red iron oxide product line for paint and coatings applications. In detail you will learn about…

  • Distinctions between the main red iron oxide production processes
  • The influence of advanced milling processes on the final pigment properties
  • Pigment stabilization effects and the influence of wetting and dispersing agents on color and viscosity behavior
  • The color effects caused by particle size distribution

.Your benefits:

  • in-depth information
  • drop your individual questions
  • free of charge

This is how it works:

To join the webinar please register here.

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