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Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Webinar Borregaard

Webinar Borregaard
exilva a product by Borregaard

Free Webinar with Borrgaard on 05 March 2019 at 15 h (CET)

Join us online when Jochum Beetsma (Meritus) and Otto Soidinsalo (Borregaard) give a presentation on: Exilva, a multifunctional biobased additive for waterbased paints 

Your benefits:

  • In-depth information
  • Drop your individual questions
  • free of charge


Exilva is a ready-to-use suspension of microfibrillated cellulose (MFC), a micro-structured, highly branched fibrous material that is made from wood. The insoluble cellulose branches form entanglements with one another, thus forming a reversible three-dimensional physical network. Exilva is 100 % biobased. Exilva can be used as multifunctional additive in waterbased paints to influence the rheology of a liquid paint and the mechanical properties of the resulting coating. The material is, for example, used to improve storage stability of waterbased systems, thus being a biobased alternative for rheology additives like fumed silica and clay. Exilva gives benefits in spray application, like good sag resistance in combination with enlarged open time and good levelling.Finally, Exilva can improve mechanical properties of coatings, like resistance to cracking. The unique properties and behavior of Exilva and the influence the additive has on key properties of paints and coatings will be discussed during the webinar.

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